The Sims 4™ – Horse Ranch Expansion Pack

Thanks to EA for inviting me to have early access to The Sims 4™ Horse Ranch Expansion Pack.

Disclosure: This is early access content. Software not final.

All screenshots are from a save where I had only the Horse Ranch Extension Pack and base game.

The Sims 4 Horse Ranch Expansion Pack launches on July 20, 2023 on PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC via EA app for Windows, Origin™, Steam® and Epic Games Store.

Chestnut Ridge: World Description

This community formed when several groups embraced their mutual connection to Horses and the land. The area soon became known as a hub for all things Equestrian: a town steeped in expertise with raising and training Horses, set against a beautiful and expansive landscape. Over time, the area became famous for another endeavour, as the rich soil brought in the new enterprise of Nectar Making. Thanks to the hard work of everyone involved, the region flourished and became the Chestnut Ridge it is today.

The screenshots with text in English are mine. Screenshots in Spanish thanks to Alex @henalexandrre

Make a life in your own ranch

Wake up early in the morning and enjoy the view of the wide open countryside. It feels amazing to see that all the hard work you do is totally worth it. During the day, your job is to take care of your animals and make sure they’re happy and clean. You also gather Prairie Grass to feed them, collect Horse Manure to help your plants grow, and even make your own special Nectar that you can sell. You get to do all of this on a ranch that you design.

Make friends with animals and create a special connection

Imagine having a ranch where you can have lots of animal friends and create a life together. Your horses, even the cute little foals, are like part of your family. They can do special things and have fun with other Sims and horses. You can also take care of adorable mini goats and mini sheep, and even invite your neighbors to see how adorable they are.

Become a member of a thriving community

When you live on a ranch, sometimes it’s quiet and peaceful, but there’s also a lot of fun with friends! Your Sims can go to the nearby town to hang out with their pals at a cool bar, dance and have a great time at the dance hall, or learn and practice horse riding at the equestrian park. They can even throw awesome parties and cookouts on their own land and hire someone to help with the work when it gets too much.

I didn’t have time to explore everything in this new EP, so I’m showing you some things and facts I have discovered.

The Sims 4™ Horse Ranch – New Sim Traits and Aspirations

The Sims 4™ Horse Ranch – Types of Nectar

The Sims 4™ Horse Ranch – Foal and Horse Traits

The Sims 4™ Horse Ranch – Mini Sheep and Mini Goats


I can’t wait to continue exploring this beautiful new world, including the secret cave that’s hidden … somewhere… 👀



Thanks to EA for inviting me to have early access to The Sims 4™ Horse Ranch Expansion Pack.

Disclosure: This is early access content. Software not final.

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