The Sims 4™ Horse Ranch – Mini Sheep and Mini Goats

Here are the Mini Sheep and Mini Goats available in The Sims 4 Horse Ranch EP.

Mini Sheep can be sheared and Mini Goats can be milked once a day. You can also trade them for SImoleons.

Your Sims and horses can interact with them and perhaps bond. I saw one of my horses was very sad because a mini sheep got scared by him.

Mini Goats can help in your garden when you befriend them. I didn’t get to a high level of friendship to test this, but I saw the option was there.

They will eventually pass away from old age if you don’t have Animal Aging toggled off.

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Thanks to EA for inviting me to have early access to The Sims 4™ Horse Ranch Expansion Pack.

Disclosure: This is early access content. Software not final.

If you have questions or comments you can find me on Twitter @SalixTheCat or on Answers HQ forums in Spanish and in English.

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