20th of July 2023 – TSFP Victorian Fantasy a.k.a Creator’s Choice Update

Update release on app stores: Thursday 20th of July, 2023. Time: 10:30 p.m. UTC.

Please notice time and date can be subject to change.

You can find more information about this update on EA’s official blog notes.

Sul Sul,

This update is dedicated to all our EA Creators on The Sims FreePlay, which is why we’re also calling it the Creator’s Choice update! Our creators have helped us choose the theme, vote for the best reruns, and designed new homes for this update. The Sims FreePlay team would like to thank all our creators for their contribution towards this special update! Read on to find out more:

About Victorian Fantasy:

EA Creator L’UniverSims takes us back in time with ‘Victorian Fantasy’, the theme for our new update! Get your Sims to fulfill their fantasy of living the noble life of dukes, earls, duchesses and countesses from the Victorian era! Gear up for gorgeous outfits and ornate items that incorporate elements of Elizabethan and Gothic influences.

Not just that, we also have a ‘Fantasea’ that’s coming with this update which refers to the name of our new Superyacht!


Superyachts 2:

Thanks to all the love and responses to our first Superyacht ‘Bella’, we’re happy to now introduce Superyacht 2 called ‘Fantasea’! The Fantasea is located on Mystery Island, left of the bridge (you’ll need to complete the ‘Mysterious Island Quest’ and ‘Bella’ Superyacht event to access this!) Available from player level 42, Fantasea offers a sleek black birth design, with three levels of open plan luxury living including pools, spas, a bar and a high-end kitchen space. The grand prize includes a black (or white) helicopter and helipad on the roof (plus exclusive build mode items to decorate with)!

Unlocks on 29th of July, so mark your calendars! Before you start building this one, please check that there are no Downtown Developer events in progress. Want to learn more? Read up on the Superyachts 2 FAQ for everything you need to know about the new luxury yacht!

Quality of Life Improvements:

We constantly strive to showcase diversity and inclusion and create options so you can be unapologetically YOU with more authentic storytelling and Sim creation ability!

With this update, you can find new face types for all life stages. Whether it’s more ways of expressing yourself, or filling your town with more Sims, these new Sim faces bring more options for you when creating new Sims!

Architect Homes

Watch out for three new house builds in Architect Homes designed by our creators – TheGirlWhoGames, Keelly_Sims, and TorbenLaux. Available in the game from July 27th onwards. Read on to know more about each of these handcrafted houses.

‘Summer Time Setup’ by TheGirlWhoGames: Celebrate summer with this two storey house that comes with a pool and a large balcony. The two bedrooms have curtained door frames to keep them cool and enjoy the warm breeze throughout the season. The master bedroom includes a king size bed and a reading nook to relax on long summer nights. The kitchen and outside dining area are both light and airy, containing high end appliances including a pizza oven. Get this house and your Sims will be entertained all summer long!

‘The Reader’s Retreat’ by TorbenLaux: Welcome to The Readers Retreat, your ultimate getaway for relaxation, inspiration, and uninterrupted reading or writing. This modern and cozy home offers the perfect environment to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It comes with an open floor plan that exudes a sense of spaciousness and freedom. The bright colors adorning the walls create an atmosphere of vibrancy and energy, stimulating your creative senses. There’s also a dedicated office space along with an expansive open kitchen to cater to your Sims’ culinary inspirations. When it’s time to take a break from reading or writing, head out to the enchanting backyard that has a garden with a waterfall and a swing!

‘Home Sweet Home’ by Keelly_Sims: What’s a better dream home than one that’s custom built for your Sims’ family? Imagine a home for a couple with children that offers dedicated and themed rooms for each kid, a very large room for the couple, and cozy guest room for having guests over. It also comes with a garage and an outdoor area with toys and a good pool to enjoy the weekend. Are your Sims working from home? No worries, bring them to an exclusive office space that offers a beautiful view so your Sims can watch their children playing even when working! Isn’t that a perfect Home Sweet Home?

Creators’ Choice Events

Back in February this year, we ran a poll with all our creators to help us choose the most popular events. Based on the Creators’ Choice, we’ll be rerunning the below events:

  • Produce Market Live Event
  • Prepped for Prom Hobby Event – Fashion Designer
  • Inner Child’s Play Seasonal Quest

All events start at 7:00 a.m. UTC. Tap on the images to enlarge:




Thanks to EA Creator Network and Firemonkeys for providing early access to this update. 

You can find more information in Spanish about The Sims Freeplay on Michiiiro’s YouTube channel.

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