TSFP – The Plumbob Club & Restaurant

To celebrate the 23rd anniversary of The Sims, I have created The Plumbob Club and Restaurant. It is a party house designed to be a luxurious and special venue for Sims to celebrate and have fun. It is decorated with lots of party lights, plumbob lights, balloons, and fireworks.

The main building has four levels and a basement apartment.

On the ground level, The Plumbob Club and Restaurant features a grand entrance with a fountain, leading to the reception, coat room and a spacious and elegant lounge. There is also a small office where you will find a HANS (Home Automation Network System) to dim the lighting in the building and change the colour of the lights!

Second level: The restaurant features a fine dining area with elegant tables and chairs, a modern fireplace, a balcony, karaoke area, and a kitchen equipped with all the necessary appliances for Sims to cook and serve delicious meals.

Third level: The Plumbob club has a dance floor with a DJ booth, as well as a bar area with a variety of drinks. It also has a lounge area for Sims to relax and socialize.

Fourth level: The rooftop terrace is also part of the club. It has a lounge with big windows. On the terrace, Sims will find a huge dance floor, DJ booth, hip-hop dance machine, lounge area with a fire pit, colorful lights and fireworks. It is the perfect spot for your Sims to enjoy the view over the pool area.

This party house has also a large outdoor area with a swimming pool, a bar, dance floor with DJ booth, providing the perfect spot for Sims to enjoy the warm weather or have a pool party. There is also a serenade item in case your Sims want to spend a more relaxed evening with guitar music and sitting around the fire pit.

The Sims owners of the Plumbob Club and Restaurant live in an open space apartment in the basement, with an access from the ground floor.

The Plumbob Club and Restaurant is a must-see destination for Sims looking to celebrate The Sims’ 23rd anniversary in style. It can be purchased from the Architect Homes tab for a limited time between February 2nd and 16th, 2023.

Don’t forget to check out the gallery below for some screenshots.

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You can find more information in Spanish about The Sims Freeplay on Michiiiro’s YouTube channel.

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