13th of February 2023 – Seoul-ful Spring Update – News and calendar

Countodwn to the update:

Please read this before updating your game!

The team has discovered a bug where if you update the game without completing all your Daily Tasks, you’ll need to pay to unlock the 6th task after the update. To avoid this issue, they recommend that you finish all your Daily Tasks before updating the game. So be sure to complete your tasks before updating for the best experience.

These are the news and changes for this update

A New Daily Task


There is a new addition to the Daily Tasks. Don’t worry, this task is easy to complete. Here’s how it works:

  • If you’re between levels 1-15: Visit the Sim Festival and get 25 Prize Tickets.
  • If you’re level 16 or higher: Claim the free Family Chest from the Heirloom Store for 25 Prize Tickets.

By completing this task, you’ll get extra Prize Tickets to help you finish the Sim Festival even faster.


Unlock the Eco Workshop for an Affordable Price!


Starting out with the game can be tough, and the team understand that you want to make the best use of your Simoleons. That’s why Knox has come up with a great deal to help you unlock the Eco Workshop. Now, you can get crafting sooner by unlocking the Eco Workshop for just 100 Simoleans. This is a good change for new players.


Quality of Life Changes:


  • Spacious Storage! Izzy needed more space so Emily decided to lend a helping hand and renovate his closet. As a result, Izzy’s closet storage space has been increased from a maximum of 35 to 99! You can now hold on to all those opulent outfits.
  • An important change on the Daily Tasks: Bye Buy! The “Purchase 3 BB Items from ‘x’ Category” Daily Task will not show up for players above level 20.

What’s Coming Next in The Sims Mobile

In an upcoming update of The Sims Mobile, some exciting changes and additions will be made to enhance your gaming experience:

  • A new option for the SimCash pack in the store. Emily wants to spread the love and make it easier for everyone to get their hands on it.
  • Emily says more players need to get in on the Treasure Hunt action! As such, the team will be tuning aspects of the Treasure Hunt events in our next update to achieve this.
  • Better get your Sims fit with the help of Luxe Fitness because it’s going to get tiring going on stairs.
  • The team is working on making The Sims Mobile accessible for more iPad models. This means support for even more iPad resolutions to ensure players have the best experience.

You can find the official blog notes for this update on EA’s website.

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