The Sims 4™ – For Rent Expansion Pack

Big thanks to EA for giving me early access to The Sims 4™ For Rent Expansion Pack!

Disclosure: This is an early access preview, so the software isn’t finalized.

All the screenshots you see are from a save where I only had the For Rent Extension Pack and the base game.

The Sims 4 For Rent Expansion Pack launches on December 7, 2023 on PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC via EA app for Windows, Origin™, Steam® and Epic Games Store.

Tomarang is a vibrant new world that has lush tropical landscapes and a lively city skyline. It is a unique blend of tradition and modernity, drawing inspiration from Southeast Asia. Dive into this culturally rich world and explore exciting new community activities. The Sims team teamed up with Jason Chu, an Asian-American rapper, social justice advocate, and cultural expert, to bring authentic Southeast Asian vibes to the For Rent Expansion Pack. Now, you’ve got more choices to express your Sim’s individuality.

Tomarang features two neighborhoods, offering a total of nine buildable lots: 2 lots measuring 20×15, 3 lots measuring 20×20, 2 lots measuring 30×20, one lot measuring 30×30, and one lot measuring 40×30, You can view the placement of the lots in the screenshot below. Tap on the image to enlarge.


A bustling neighborhood with pockets of idyllic peace and nooks of neighborly nuance!

Morensong is the spot for vibrant communities to thrive, day or night. Stroll through the botanical garden or throw down in a game of playground hopscotch. Even join the Night Market buzz for some sunset shopping and moonlight munchies. The possibilities are endless!

Tap on the images to enlarge.

Koh Sahpa

Neighbors with nature or other tenants. Koh Sahpa offers a more relaxed lifestyle along the river.

After a dip in the sea or some much needed beach time, gather round at the Screaming Gecko for a drink or two.

Feeling warm-hearted from all the sun? Visit The Sulea Tiger Sanctuary to support local conservation.

No matter the choice.Koh Sahpa is the ideal spot for a go-with-the-flow attitude.

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Disclosure: This is early access content. Software not final.

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