24th of April 2023 – Self-care Special Update

The Self-care Special update that was scheduled to be release Monday 24th of April is unfortunately delayed and will release Wednesday 26th of April. We don’t have the exact time at this moment.

Here’s last Tweet from @TheSimsMobile


Please note that date and time can be subject to change.

Quality of Life Changes in this Update:

  • Some Treasure Hunt quality-of-life changes:
    • 3 venues are unlocked from the start of Treasure Hunt (instead of 1 and then 2 from quest)
    • The prizes cost have very little golden bunnies in first row (and the golden bunnies have moved to the end)
    • No change in total golden bunnies needed, but now you only need them mostly after row 1
  • Energy is now completely uncapped! You can go to the shower, bathtub, toilet, or bed even when at full 30/30 energy.
  • Skip Tier with Sim Cash – Skip 1 Prize Tier was $1, it’ll now be available for 100 simcash.

Here is the calendar for this update, in English and Spanish.

You can find the official blog notes on EA’s website.

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