20th of June 2023 – TSFP Holidays ‘n’ Helipads Live Event

Take your Sims for their first ever ride in a helicopter! Park a helipad in the backyard and climb into your very own aircraft on the new island retreat house lot! Craft resources throughout the 10-day event to unlock the aircraft and Copacabana-inspired milestone prizes, which are perfect for relaxing by the beach.

The large grand prize house template is situated on a sandy lot that overlooks an ocean and features expansive three-stories, multi-level balconies with outdoor lounge areas, two pools, hammocks, palm trees, gazebo and more! 

Tap on th images to enlarge:


Background image by sulox32 from Pixabay

Thanks to EA Creator Network and Firemonkeys for providing early access to this update. 

You can find more information in Spanish about The Sims Freeplay on Michiiiro’s YouTube channel.

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