My Christmas theme build in The Sims FreePlay

Thanks to Firemonkeys and EA Creator Network for asking me to create a house template for The Sims FreePlay. I feel happy and honoured for being able to participate in this opportunity.

My creation consists of a Christmas theme build that will be featured in the Architect Homes tab during the month of December 2022.

This time of the year is so special. I wanted to try recreating a small pedestrian area in Simtown with several small buildings, each one decorated for Christmas, with lights and Christmas trees everywhere.

I have created four small buildings on a premium lot.

Building 1: Two-bedroom house for a couple and their toddler child. This little house is ready for Christmas. Even the cat can’t get his paws off the tree.

Building 2: I don’t know what to call this build. Does it sound right if I say it’s a small lounge? Here Sims can read a book, use a computer, and purchase a drink from a vending machine.

Building 3: Grandma’s crafts, tailoring and carpentry store. This is my favourite part of the build. The store is on the ground floor. Here Sims can find a variety of items like Grandma’s signature accessories and apparel, quilts, handcrafted furniture, and décor. There is a dressing room at the back of the store for Sims to try clothes. The crafting stations are on the upper floor. There is also a balcony where Santa lands his sled when he comes to visit. I almost forgot! She has a parrot 😄

Building 4: Renovated small church. It has been converted into a venue for meetings and events. It is ready for the Christmas concert of the year. Guests will enjoy a piano recital and an open bar. There’s also Christmas pudding, cake, and eggnog. There is a reading nook on the top level of the church tower where Sims can relax, read a book, listen to some music, and enjoy the view.

Don’t forget to check out the gallery below for some screenshots.


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You can find more information in Spanish about The Sims Freeplay on Michiiiro’s YouTube channel.

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