8th of February 2021 – Royal Romance Update – New features and calendar

Host a party in ANY house – available from 16 February

The team knows how much you love hosting and attending parties with friends! It’s time to show off all your building and interior decorating skills you’ve worked so hard on in the other locations your Sims live in! From the 16th of February you will be able to host a party in any of the house lots you own because there is no longer a designated house.

To host a party and experience it in any lot, your Sim must be moved into the home lot that you want to host the party at, and:

1. Press the arrow button on the right-hand side of the screen.
2. Press the Parties balloon icon and find “Host Weekly Party Here” button.
3. Select your theme!

Don’t forget to add party decorations that match your theme for more group rewards! Group reward progress also stacks accumulatively now, instead of individually. At all other times, when you’re visiting other players’ neighborhoods, you’ll only be able to see their first main house. For more information on hosting parties, read The Sims Mobile party guide.

If you experience any bugs while hosting or attending parties, post the details on The Sims Mobile Official AHQ Forums.

Swap between any of your Sims in your neighborhood!

Have you reached your 4 playable Sims cap, or would just love to play as any passive Sim that lives in your neighborhood? Now it’s possible for you to play as any adult Sim, by swapping between the ‘playable’ and ‘passive’ state freely anytime without having to retire a Sim to free up more Sims slots!

Making a Sim ’passive’ frees up one Sim slot, so you can bring someone else in! There is no cost to make a Sim active again, but they will start with no energy (so they might need a tasty cupcake to help them out!)

Find your family portrait by either clicking on the Lot Adress in the Neighborhood view, or click on you’re the framed version that is hopefully hanging up somewhere special in your home (you can find it in the Build/Buy menu under ‘Decorations’ tab and ‘Wall Decorations’). From here, click on a Sim and select either ‘make passive’ or ‘make playable’. That’s it! In the Family Portrait, you can now also see which relationships, stories, careers and hobbies each Sim has.

A few extra notes to add:

1. A Sim can’t be made passive if they’re currently completing an event.
2. Children cannot be made playable, but they can be, once they become an adult!
3. Sims with a blue coloured plumbob cannot be made playable.
4. A Sim that has previously been retired cannot be made playable.
5. There hasn’t been made any changes to the usual way you’d retire a Sim! The retirement option will still appear once your Sim gets all traits, but you can choose to ignore the pop up and delay retirement.

Thanks to EA Game Changers and Firemonkeys for providing early access to this content. 

If you have questions or comments you can find me on Twitter @SalixTheCat or on Answers HQ forums in Spanish and in English.

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