14th of December 2020 – The Sims Mobile – New Base Game Items and Collections

Six new collections and other 58 miscellaneous items will be added to the Base game catalog.

In the list below the images you can find detailed information about all items including prices and availability according to player level.

Classic Kitchen collection

Classic Kitchen

Modern Dining collection

Dozing Deco bedroom collection

Groovy Dreams bedroom collection and Sleek & Squeaky bathroom collection

Mindful Living collection


This is a list of the new items that will be added to the Base game catalog with the Holiday Celebration Update.

Collection NameItem NameCategorySimoleon CostSim CashStar levelIs Bonus?Player level
Sleek & SqueakySatin Suds BathtubBathroom803Yes3
Sleek & SqueakyBathroom Waste BinMisc Decoration15013
Sleek & SqueakyFresh Linen Towel RingBathroom18023
Sleek & SqueakyQuatra Spritz ShowerBathroom35023
Sleek & SqueakyNeo Fresh SinkBathroom25023
Sleek & SqueakyNeo Fresh ToiletBathroom45023
Sleek & SqueakyOpaque Small WindowWindows35013
Sleek & SqueakyOpaque Large WindowWindows45023
Dozing DecoLights Out Double BedBedroom1603Yes5
Dozing DecoRoyal Medallion Curtain LeftWall Decoration40025
Dozing DecoRoyal Medallion Curtain RightWall Decoration40025
Dozing DecoBlackout Double DoorDoors65035
Dozing DecoStrike a Pose DresserBedroom52025
Dozing DecoStrike a Pose WardrobeBedroom50025
Dozing DecoZinnia Standing LightLights59035
Dozing DecoEau du Odor Beauty TrayTable Decoration28015
Dozing DecoUrban Joy PaintingWall Decoration35015
Dozing DecoSunburst RugFloor Decoration58025
Dozing DecoClassic Cushion OttomanLiving Room57025
Dozing DecoBlackout WindowWindows65025
Groovy DreamsUptown Glitz Double BedBedroom1203Yes3
Groovy DreamsGrooves Single DoorDoor35023
Groovy DreamsIt's All You DresserBedroom40023
Groovy DreamsLift Table LampLights25013
Groovy DreamsWonderLava LampLights60013
Groovy DreamsZe-brah RugFloor Decoration28023
Groovy DreamsMod & Modest Corner UnitBedroom30013
Groovy DreamsIt's All You Coffee TableLiving Room38023
Groovy DreamsLooking Glass Large WindowWindows35023
Modern DiningCuriousity Taught the Cat BookcaseLiving Room4503Yes2
Modern DiningShady May LightLights20012
Modern DiningOrblike Small LightLights25012
Modern DiningUltra Kitsch Wall SconceLights25012
Modern DiningWallflower Wall PlantWall Decoration15012
Modern DiningSphere of Influence RugFloor Decoration22032
Modern DiningDine Finely ChairDining Room20022
Modern DiningModern Comfort ArmchairLiving Room24022
Modern DiningDine Finely TableDining Room80032
Modern DiningMy Way Hallway TableLiving Room25032
Modern DiningFolorn Tall WindowWindows30012
Classic KitchenAntiquity Wall ClockWall Decoration55034
Classic KitchenFancy French Door FridgeKitchen25003Yes4
Classic KitchenAntiquity Ceiling LightLights35034
Classic KitchenSpring Kitchen DecorationTable Decoration30024
Classic KitchenClassic Bread BoxKitchen + Table Decoration25014
Classic KitchenDish It Out DishrackKitchen + Table Decoration25014
Classic KitchenClassic Kitchen ChairDining Room36024
Classic KitchenOne for all Dining TableDining Room65034
Classic KitchenTall Wood Frame Large WindowWindows50014
Classic KitchenTippity Top Wide WindowWindows48014
Mindful LivingUltraNeo Fluroscent Light SetLights64035
Mindful LivingEculidean RugFloor Decoration62035
Mindful LivingMindful Bonsai TreeIndoor Plant45035
Mindful LivingZen Stones SculptureTable Decoration50035
Mindful LivingAstroWorks ChairDining Room9003Yes5
Mindful LivingDark & Discreet SofaLiving Room72035
Mindful LivingDark & Discreet Coffee TableLiving Room45035
Mindful LivingTesseract End TableLights + Living Room58025
Mindful LivingFresh Air Window TallWindows300035
Misc Base GameClassica BathtubBathroom12032
Misc Base GameClassic Elegance BathtubBathroom13032
Misc Base GameDream-like Double BedBedroom14032
Misc Base GameApex BookcaseLiving Room50032
Misc Base GameBookworm BookcaseLiving Room48022
Misc Base GameTasteful Touch Dining HutchDining Room45022
Misc Base GameGood Morning Sunshine DresserBedroom38022
Misc Base GameStairway to NeatBedroom35012
Misc Base GameSubtle Saucer LightLights6012
Misc Base GameStarlight Ceiling LightLights40012
Misc Base GameGreat Idea Ceiling LightLights2512
Misc Base GameRing Shade Table LightLights40012
Misc Base GameModern Buzz Wall LightLights45012
Misc Base GameMulti-Faceted PedestalLiving Room50012
Misc Base GameWTFractal RugFloor Decoration48022
Misc Base GamePicnic EssentialsTable Decoration25012
Misc Base GameGeo Measure ShelfWall Decoration35012
Misc Base GameTall Oak Dining ChairDining Room32012
Misc Base GameDeco Eco Dining ChairDining Room30012
Misc Base GameUnbearably Cute ArmchairLiving Room45032
Misc Base GameRoyal Mellow ChairLiving Room40022
Misc Base GameNice Groove ArmchairLiving Room38022
Misc Base GameClassic Cushion ChairLiving Room25012
Misc Base GameCountry Embrace SofaLiving Room42022
Misc Base GamePillow Willow Sofa Living Room45022
Misc Base GameGood Company Coffee TableLiving Room48032
Misc Base GameVintage Darling Coffee TableLiving Room35022
Misc Base GameLily Dining TableDining Room45032
Misc Base GameRecall Dining tableDining Room30022
Misc Base GameOne For All Dining TableDining Room50032
Misc Base GameGlass Top End TableLiving Room20012
Misc Base GameDream Decor Hallway TableLiving Room25032
Misc Base GameCalm Cricket NightstandBedroom40022
Misc Base GameSimpleSim Trash CanMisc Decoration15012
Misc Base GameSimply Rubbish BinMisc Decoration5012
Misc Base GameCouncil Approved Garbage BinMisc Decoration8012
Misc Base GameColorful DoorDoors30012
Misc Base Game4 Panel Townhouse DoorDoors40032
Misc Base GameHalf Glass Panel DoorDoors42022
Misc Base GameGlass Arched English DoorDoors50032
Misc Base GameWindow Grill DoorDoors45022
Misc Base GameStriped Window DoorDoors48022
Misc Base GameTall Wood Frame WindowWindows40012
Misc Base GameTall Wood Frame Large WindowWindows50022
Misc Base GameMighty Fine Grill WindowWindows45022
Misc Base GamePeek-A-Book Small WindowWindows35012
Misc Base GamePanel Glass Hung WindowWindows30022
Misc Base GameRustic Wood PanelWalls40032
Misc Base GameWalk the PlanksWalls45032
Misc Base GameSandy Stone BlocksWalls48032
Misc Base GameShine Bright Diamond PatternWalls38032
Misc Base GameCutting Shapes Walls40032
Misc Base GameSlated for GreatnessFloors30032
Misc Base GameRefined MarbleFloors50032
Misc Base GameAsynchronous Tile PatternFloors30022
Misc Base GameTiled Polished MarbleFloors45032
Misc Base GameStarry Night PatternFloors25022
Misc Base GameNearly New TilesFloors35032

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