18th of October 2022 – TSFP Base game improvements

New Sim Faces

The Sims Freeplay SimGurus have seen all our feedback about our Sim appearances, and they hear us. For the first time ever, they have permanently refreshed the faces of elder, adult, teen and preteen life stages so we can finally create Sims that reflect our true selves. 

They understand our Sims have been looking a little dated! The Sims on Freeplay were originally designed to suit 2011 phone specs and modelled on The Sims 3.  The new faces will automatically apply to every Sim in our game except for infants and toddlers. Non-playable characters and the Sim Tracker will also get the new faces! If you’d like to explore the options, jump into Create A Sim by using a Wardrobe. 

There is still a path ahead of us with continual growth for true representation in our game, so the SimGurus will make sure to keep us updated on future development over time. They can’t wait to see what we create, and they would love to hear what you think about the new face improvements, so chat to our SimGurus on Twitter!

Shared hair, glasses and earrings across all genders

In the first step in the ongoing efforts to expand representation options, The Sims Freeplay has made it possible for all of the 500+ hairstyles, earrings and glasses in the game to be shared between ALL genders in ‘Create A Sim’. 

Try this out by using a Wardrobe or by adding a new Sim in an empty lot to view all the non-gendered options you’re now able to mix and match! This permanent improvement is free for players of all levels! Note: This does not apply to sharing between life stages, and currently does not apply to tattoos or makeup.

Sim Path Finding – Smooth Walking

The Sims Freeplay team has updated the walk tracks on the ground, so Sims no longer turn corners in sharp square paths! You’ll notice now that Sims have smooth rounded walking for more realistic pathfinding when they undertake any action in the game. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it! 


Thanks to EA Creator Network and Firemonkeys for providing early Beta access to this update. 

You can find more information in Spanish about The Sims Freeplay on Michiiiro’s YouTube channel.

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